Who is Jimmie G. Toney


Since you have made the journey this far on my little corner of web real estate, I guess you are wondering what sort of fool is responsible for all of this. My journey in life to this point all started a little over 60+ years ago on March 9, 1943 in a small Kansas town. Through out my life I have owned two businesses--a ceramic business and then an animal feed store and cage manufacturing business.Personal Photo

While in the ceramic business, I traveled and taught a national teacher certification program for a major color manufacture; I also conducted classes in china, oil, and tole or decorative painting as it is now referred to. Once the ceramic business became to large to handle, it was time to start a new avenue of life with the other business. After being in the feed and cage business for ten years and raising and showing a variety of animals, it was once again time to move onto yet another adventure in life. I am now working in a Wal-Mart Supercenter as a CSM (Customer Service Manager); update - different Wal-Mart now into donuts early of a morning plus raising my beloved painted ladies and enjoying every minute of life. You might be saying at this time that he has not said anything about a wife and children--simple there are none. I am a confirmed bachelor. There is just me, three dogs--two Shih Tzu and one poodle--plus my violets, which has now taken me to the judging program of AVSA and AGGS. So you see my life has been centered around my violets, arts and crafts of all types, and animals of all sorts. Really people, no gossip or skeletons in the closet just a down to earth Kansan. How dull!

The photo on the right is one that was taken of me with my certificate of appreciation for designing and maintaining the Missouri Valley African Violet Council website, at the MVAVC Fall Convention October, 2008. Sorry to say the MVAVC website is a thing of the past.

My violets and websites - I had four websites that I maintained but now I am down to only this website - have been a great road to travel and I am looking forward a long a great journey. I hope to make a lot of new friends along the way and I will be looking for all of you at the AVSA national conventions.


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