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Shipping Season is now over, see you in the Spring with new additions.

Leaf Packets And Ordering Information

Create Your Own Box: You may create your very own box of leaf packets by selecting your choice of leaf packets from the different types of leaves listed below. Each violet leaf packet consist of 2 leaves of each variety and are $3.00 per packet. You may order as few or as many leaf packets as you would like, just remember that shipping is $8.00 per order regardless of the quantity of packets your order. You may use the buttons at the bottom of the page to view the different varieties of each type that I have available, they will take you a new page showing the varieties.

Payment: Payment may be made by PayPal (sent as a friend/relative) sent to You may also pay by check or money order sent to the address below. If paying by check the order will be held until the check clears my bank. You may also send a money order.

When you have finalized your order you may email your order to me at this email address Place Order Here You may also send in your order with payment by postal mail to: Jimmie Toney, 1409 East Route 66 Lot 13, Lebanon, Missouri 65536-3391

African Violet Types and Other Gesneriads

Other Gesneriads: The Episcia plant is related to the African Violet, easy to grow, with their foliage and colorful trumpet-shaped flowers. Their name, pronounced e-pissí-i-ah, is derived from the Greek word episkios meaning shady, and this furnishes a clue to their culture. Episcias, sometimes called the flame violet, trailing violet or chocolate soldier plant have a magnificent range of foliage and flower color. Leaves of shiny green, bronze and silver and tubular flowers of white, yellow, lavender, pink or red.

The episcia plant is usually started from stolens and that is what will be shipped. The cost of the stolens will be $2.00 for each variety. There will be a stem and that is what you will want to place in starting medium in a small cup. I use the same soil to start stolens or African violet lesves as I use for mature plants. As an espcia plant reaches a large size I like to use various sizes of drip saucers, the drip saucers are discussed else where on this website.

Available Episcia 'Faded Jade' Red flower. Light green, sliver quilted foliage. Other Gesneriad
Photo Episcia 'Hallelujah' Episcia 'Hallelujah' Red flower. Chocolate brown leaves, rose veins Other Gesneriad
Available Episcia 'Jim's Canadian Sunset' Pink flower with spots of darker pink, yellow throat. Misty brown leaves with silver-green veining. Other Gesneriad
Photo Pink Dreams Episcia Pink Dreams Flowers are pink rather than bright orange-red. The pink goes much better with the foliage, flowers produced sparingly. This cultivar is much like E. 'Cleopatra' the flowers are produced sparingly and the plant is more dependent on humidity and warmth than is 'Cleopatra' Other Gesneriad
Available Episcia Silver Skies Deep scarlet red blooms. Small, glossy, silver leaves, edged brown.

Thank your for looking hope you had fun shopping.

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