Various Soil Mixes

First off here is my number one rule of soil and African Violets. NEVER and I mean never reuse African Violet soil when you are repotting your plants. If you reuse your soil it might save you a few dollars but down the road it could lead to a lot of trouble and loss of plants. I always dispose of my used soil outside in the yard or planting beds.

Listed below are various soil mix recipes that one might like to try, I personally have not tried any of them I found them and decided to list them in case someone would like to try any of them. Some of these recipes may be quite old and the ingredients may not still be available, but are included here to give the grower an idea where to start.

Mix Containing Soil (from AVSA magazine)

6 quarts potting mix
3 quarts Perlite
1 quart Vermiculite
1/4 quart ground egg shells
1/4 quart charcoal
1 tablespoon Super phosphate

Soil less Mix (from AVSA magazine)

3 parts Canadian sphagnum peat moss
2 parts Vermiculite
1 part Perlite
1/4 part ground charcoal
2 tablespoons dolomite lime
1 tablespoons bone meal
1 tablespoons Super phosphate

Another Soil less Mix (from AVSA magazine)

1 gallon peat moss
1 gallon Vermiculite
1 gallon Perlite
8 tablespoons dolomite lime
1 cup charcoal

Leaf Starter Mix (from AVSA magazine)

2 parts Vermiculite
1 part Perlite
1 part charcoal

Yet another mix

(this is probably used by more people than any other) This is also the one recipe that I keep going back to, and am currently using now.

1 part Vermiculite
1 part Perlite
1 part peat moss

A few last thoughts on potting soil

There is a growing number of growers that are using a blend of Pro Mix BX. Pro Mix BX is a general purpose peat-based growing medium with 80% Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite and perlite, used for cultivation of a wide variety of plant species. This complete mix is lightweight, uniform, and blended to the highest degree of consistency to ensure maximum plant performance. Lately I have been using the Pro Mix BX and adding a little more perlite, vermiculite and a few other additives that I have been trying out to see if I like the results. One last about the soil that I use, I use the same soil for everything in my plant room violets, gessies and any other plants that strikes my fancy.

Whichever potting soil that you decide to use I wish you the best of luck in you growing of African Violets and other gessies.

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